Air Race Classic Team #35 from Boise, Idaho.

Pilot: Sherry Kandle Co-Pilot:Wendy Frazer

WE LOVE OUR CESSNAS! #35 is our lucky number!

2013 Race Route

37th Annual Air Race Classic
June 18 - 21, 2013

Our team is one of 47 teams of women. The race is an annual all-female-pilot air race in which pilots race against their own best speed in the plane of their choice. We will be racing in Sherry's Cessna 175A. This is the oldest cross-country race in the country. The race begins June 18th in Pasco, WA and spans over 2,128 nautical-miles. We will zoom through 8 intermediate stops in 4 days enroute to Fayetteville, AR in the quest for the fastest time.

Sherry is a Private pilot with a single-engine land certification (ASEL) and 410 hours in her logbook. She is flying the ARC for the adventure and experience; this year will be her first year to compete. “It would be an honor to be part of this historic group of women racers, I want to help raise the awareness of this race,” said Sherry. “I think girls need to be encouraged to do things out of the ordinary and I want to be a role model for my granddaughter.”


Sherry had flown to Oshkosh with her pilot husband, Douglas, many times, so her big adventure after getting her ticket was to fly herself from Idaho to Wisconsin in her Cessna 150. “It was a trip!” said Sherry.

Wendy Frazer is an instrument-rated private pilot with ASEL and tail wheel endorsements with 710 hours in her logbook. She is flying the ARC for the adventure and experience; this year will be her first year to compete. “I am excited to be part of the race and function as Sherry's co-pilot and navigator. I am just hoping I don't get us lost". Wendy flies a 1952 Cessna 170B. It was her Dad’s pride and joy.


The ARC carries on the long tradition of women’s air racing that dates back to 1929. Air racing became popular in the 1920’s, but women pilots were forbidden to race against the men in that era, so the ladies started their own. This year’s ARC will have forty-seven teams and over one hundred female pilots compete for the championship title.

Additional information, including more details on the race history, pilot teams, race status, and donation support are available at: www.airraceclassic.org or https://www.facebook.com/AirRaceClassic?fref=ts.c

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